Georgia’s Little Grand Canyon: Providence Canyon – Lumpkin, GA.

I am very excited to say that I can officially check two items off of my ’30 things before 30′ bucket list! In addition to starting my 401k, a group of friends and I got together and took a day trip out to Providence Canyon in Lumpkin, Georgia. It was about a 4 1/2 hour drive from where we are in Florida, so it wasn’t too bad. This post is going to flood you with some of the most beautiful man-made scenery I have ever witnessed. Yes! I said man-made. I am still shocked;  astonished that man can make something so beautiful-albeit accidental. I forget to appreciate man’s additions to this earth. All too often human error is not as easy on the eyes, but this was breathtaking. Looking at these canyons, one would think they were looking at natural stones created by the earth. This absolutely gorgeous mess-up is due to extremely poor farming practices in the 1800’s. But wow, just look at this stunning blunder.

These are some of the first views you can see as you step out of your car and look beyond the wooden fences. It’s hard to think that the canyons could be any more stunning, but the views from base level are just as remarkable.

Check out these sections where the sand has stacked just so; it mimics something that looks like you could use as a bathroom counter-top. >>

These next few images – In a word: otherworldly. In a few words: these photos are seemingly magical; they ignite something in my imagination, an opportunity to transcend my current capacity for insight and awareness.. (or something.)

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In the photos below: This was the coolest thing! The lady bugs made homes within the canyon walls. There were lady bugs by the thousands.. They were everywhere! It was cool to see them go in and out of their little abodes. In the top left picture you can see all of the holes that have been drilled into the hard canyon sand. The top right shows a close-up of just how modest these ladies thrive and in the bottom photo, there are 2 ladybugs soaking up some rays.

Ahhh yess, from the canyon floor. I told you it only gets better!!

Climbing was not permitted from most of the canyon floor.. but when you hike canyons 4 and 5 you become part of the Canyon Climbers Club. Which we are now proud members of.

This stuff mesmerizes me.. that sun, shyly peeking around the canyon.

Anybody can see just how long you could get lost running around this place. Believe it or not, there was an entire 7-mile hike that we just didn’t have time for. If you can, I definitely recommend camping for at least a couple days if you want to see all there is. We did a day trip and they close the gates at 6 p.m.

When you hike the deepest canyons, you see this thin layer of water which is evidence of the water table just below the ground. (Pics below.)


“1 universe, our planet, 196 countries, 778 islands, 7 seas, 7.4 billion people.. and I have the privilege of meeting you.” – Unknown

Noticed this little gem later.. It’s perf. Her shirt reads: “You never fail until you stop trying.”

These cars were abandoned from a homestead that was here before Providence Canyon was established. Since then, they have become part of the ecosystem and would actually cause more harm to excavate. So there they will sit.

Stunning views, entertainment for hours or even a weekend. If you are near Georgia, this little Grand Canyon is certainly worth the visit!

A girl in her element and a mop on her head. Photo credit: Micheal Kurtz

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